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During these interesting and trying times, we are gathering at 6 pm on Thursday nights via Zoom at:

Here is a brief outline and description of what you might find at a typical Crossing gathering.  The word liturgy literally means "the work of the people."  Therefore, our liturgy can and likely will change to reflect the needs of those who gather with us.  For now, here is what it looks like:


Lighting of Candle: We light a candle together to create shared space.  As we gather remotely, we light candles in our own respective places.  As we let the candle(s) we say: "We light this candle as a reminder of the divine light within you and me.  Together, we are the light of the world."

Music: Our music is spiritual and meaningful.  It may be something from Leonard Cohen, Johnny Cash, Radiohead, a chant, or who knows what.  As long as it speaks to the depths of our being, it's fair game.

Spiritual Practice:  As the focus of The Crossing is the sacred amidst the ordinary, we give great import to a monastic, contemplative feel to the service.  We want to give those who gather the opportunity to get centered and get a sense of peace.  This is why we do a spiritual discipline such as Taize, lectio divina, centering prayer, guided meditation, Ignatian contemplation, and other practices in each service.

Reading: During Jesus's time, he was drawing from the wisdom of many traditions.  Over the centuries, Christianity became more "closed" and claimed ownership over that wisdom.  We remain open to what the Divine teaches through Christ and other sages who have something to teach us.  This is why we do a reading from the Christian tradition coupled with one from another tradition in each service.

Conversation: In keeping with our interactive style of gathering, rather than a monological sermon, we have a conversation.  The leader/presenter will start the discussion and then open with questions to engage those who wish to share.  We call this a "coach approach" akin to group coaching as the aim is for each to experience growth and transformation that they will take with them from each service as opposed to a sermon which is heard and soon forgotten without being internalized.

Prayer: We pray together in the hopes that our prayers will then be turned into action for those whom we lift up.

Expressions of the Divine: This portion of the service is an opportunity for a gatherer to share a story on where he/she/they experienced God in the context of the theme for that gathering.  Stories connect and are a great medium for bringing awareness to our interconnectedness and shedding light on the presence of the Divine in the everyday through the narrative of the one sharing.

Offering: This stuff ain't free.  The technology, the space - virtual or physical - the capacity to do social justice, and so much more.  While it takes our gifts and talents, it also takes financial means.

Announcements: This is a brief time to share what is happening for the good of our community.

Benediction: As we are sent in peace, we make the sign of the cross - not as a gesture of the empire - but as a symbol of our connection with all beings in all directions, in the name of the Creator, the Sustainer, and the Giver of Life, Amen.


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