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Who We Are

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The Crossing is a contemplative gathering that was started by pastor Brandyn Simmons from the congregation of Christ Church of Chicago.  Christ Church is a United Church of Christ Congregation located in West Rogers Park on the North Side of Chicago.

The Crossing is a non-dogmatic gathering that is focused on the experience of God in everyday life.  We exist for those who struggle with traditional theologies, but have not completely let go of the idea of God.  For many, Christianity and the God depicted in it has become harmful and othering.  We are here to return to The Way of its pre-empire roots when Jesus of Nazareth taught love, kindness, respect, and compassion, and that ALL carried the presence of God.


ALL are welcome here regardless of creed, age, sexual orientation, identity, physical ability, race, ethnicity, gender, etc.

Pastor Brandyn is a Professional Certified Coach and the Executive Director of Generations Care Partners Foundation - a 501c3 nonprofit that provides coaching and workshops for caregivers to aging family members.  He also leads The Humane Project - a movement to reverse marginalization and oppression by encouraging vulnerability in people of privilege and awareness of the interconnectedness of all humanity.  You can find podcasts, blogs, and videos on their respective sites.  He is passionate about social justice, mindfulness, and being aware of the sacred amidst the ordinary.


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